Crucifixion the Cross and Easter
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Crucifixion the Cross and Easter

Crucifixion the cross and Easter. crucifixion as a method of execution goes back to around the sixth century BC

The history of crucifixion as a method of execution goes back to around the sixth century BC, it was a particular painful execution, the condemned person was tied and sometimes nailed to a large wooden cross and just left to hang until he or she was dead.

The word comes from the Latin crucifixio, meaning fixed to a cross, it was used mainly by the Persians, Seleucids Carthaginian and the Romans, until the year 337 when Emperor Constantine abolished it in the Roman Empire, this was in response for the veneration of one of its victims a certain Jesus Christ.

Crucifixion was also used in Japan

This cruel method of execution was also used in Japan, In 1597, fifty two prisoners including three young boys, were executed by crucifixion in Nagasakiuseing the same method as the Romans used the victims were also pierced with spears.

The whole thing was a public event in an effort to terrorize; the victims were left on display as a warning to others. Crucifixion was very slow and painful, sometimes taking days, the word “excruciating” literally means “out of crucifying”

Speared him to a barn door

The last know crucifixion was reported by Private George Barrie on 24th April 1915 who witnessed a Canadian soldier crucified by German soldiers they speared him to a barn door with eight bayonets. The story was never totally verified.

As horrific as it was, it was not the only method of torture and painful execution, and if it were not for Jesus Christ and our celebration at Easter with his resurrection, crucifixion might not be remembered, let’s face it Jesus Christ is one of the most influential figures in human history.

Often played out by groups re-enacting the journey of Christ

Often played out by groups, re-enacting the journey of Christ through the streets, most Christians commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday and celebrate his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Easter often brings up pictures of the cross to mind, the cross now seen as a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the act of crucifying him is often played out by groups re-enacting the journey of Christ through the streets carrying the cross he is to be nailed to.

Easter is the culmination of the act and celebration of a new start, in fact it has become one of the most important holy-days, it is a moveable feast, in other words it is not fixed to any one particular date on the calendar, and it varies between March 22 and April 25, Crucifixion and the cross, will now always be remembered thanks to Easter.

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Comments (6)

You say "Crucifixion and the cross, will now always be remembered thanks to Easter." I think you have that sentence inverted since Easter will be always be remembered thanks to Jesus dying on the cross by crucifixioun. Passover is called Pesach. In most languages, the Christian Resurrection feast is called by a name based on this Hebrew word. Most Orthodox call it Pascha or a similar sounding name. Only in English is it called Easter. Some Protestant groups in the U.S. to refer to the day as "Resurrection Day". Easter is a high holy day for Christians who celebrate Jesus' redemption as Savior to them and rose from the dead as Christians who believe in him will, too, in his Second Coming.

Very true. Crucifixions have become an important part of humanity's history and thus should never, ever be forgotten.

Easter actually predates Christianity, and really has nothing to do with the death of Jesus, who was not the only one to die this way.. just for some reason.. he is the only one people remember or feel sympathy too, yet according to their own gospel, God sent him to be killed.

Yes, Brenda, God sent his only son to die for us, so that we were freed from sin. It is not only in the gospels but throughtout the New Testament in other books. And prophesized in the Old Testament. He is Christian's Redeemer and Savior. Yes, others died this way, but not for mankind's souls - and they did not rise from the dead like Jesus did. Easter is simply a word commemorating Jesus' death. The word 'death' was before Jesus, too, but Jesus gave New Life to Death.

Thank you Johnny for writing this article. One of the things in the auditorium of our church is a huge empty cross behind the pulpit. You will see this in many Protestant churches (I can't speak to other sects or denominations). It is a reminder not just that Christ died on the cross but that the cross is empty because he is resurrected and He lives. That is why on Easter or Resurrection Day we open our service with the pastor saying "HE IS RISEN" and the whole congregation responds "HE IS RISEN INDEED" I would say that it is THE most holy day because without the resurrection our Christianity would be meaningless. Again thank you for your article.

Yes indeed, Christ has risen.